Jon K Farmer

IMG_8117Born and raised in Tennessee, I began my music education at an early age as many Southern-born kids did, in the church.  My father was a tenor, my mother an alto, my sister a soprano, and I sang baritone and played piano to round out the quartet.  After 12 years of piano, music, and voice training (at the age of 17), I decided to pursue singing as a career.  It wasn’t until attending Chicago’s DePaul University that I discovered and fell in love with opera.  As a singer and musician, I perform and write in all genres, and as an instructor, I teach techniques that allow for performing in all types of music, across the board.  To paraphrase one of my favorite roles, Rodolfo, in La Boheme, when asked what type of music I sing, I reply simply – I sing.  Similarly, as an instrumentalist – I play.


Music, acting, singing, and teaching, however like for most, only defines a small part of me.  I am so very lucky to be a dad and never forget it’s my most important job.  I mean, look at these two.  How could I ever forget that?!